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Poor blood supply to genital area, men will find difficulty getting a proper erection and maintaining. The Karsai massage I provide in my Spa is to improve your sex life, plus many other benefits. I would like to share with you my experience of an ancient style ( Karsai massage. These sediments were known for 1000s of years in ancient Chinese texts as Karsai. Kinds of blockages we have due.

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Tao Garden Health Spa Resort is around 30mins drive from Changmai town centre. The training for ( ) Karsai massage does not take place in the Thai medical school of Bangkok, But is carried out in the North of Thailand in Changmai. Changmai is a very beautiful place, the staff at the Tao Garden Health Spa Resort are very professional and polite. Now with the new generation not many people know about Karsai massage, or what. When you were born, Lingam and male prostate was originally made of positive, pleasurable cells. I am in London, West Kensington.

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    Im a luxury European independent female. Massage (Its an Intimate, Sensual and. Massage lingam Massage, escort, service!.

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