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and pre-occupied with avoiding depth charge attacks long enough to allow the convoy to pass safely. Calendula Harland Wolff Ltd., Belfast Transferred on to USN as USS Ready. Pink Royal Navy Torpedoed and heavily damaged by U-988 off Normandy at 4948N 0049W /.800N.817W /.800; -0.817. La Bastiaise Free French Naval Forces Mined during sea trial off Hartlepool on day of her commissioning. Resold in 1948 as mercantile Deppie, in 1950 as mercantile Canastel, in 1952 as mercantile Rio Blanco and in 1955 as mercantile Lillian. Hyderabad Alexander Hall., Aberdeen 24 December 1940 23 September 1941 23 February 1942 Formerly Nettle.

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2728 a b Le Masson 1969,. Lobelia Alexander Hall., Aberdeen 15 February 1941 pril 1947 Formerly HMS Lobelia. Forrest Hill Ferguson Bros.


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