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their beauty is far more effective than that of a man. You see ladies, there are more far more Steves, Junior partners, and CPAs out there than there are company owners, CEOs, and senior partners at big law firms. Yes, there are far more male CEOs and executives than females.

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There are a few other phases in between but eventually we come to the acceptance phase. Think about the cliche of the CEO fucking his secretary. #StillGotIt This is especially true when it comes to red pill men versus feminists. Age 18, orientation, straight, eye colour blue, hair colour brown, height 170, weight. But what they didnt take into account was the effect that all of this money and power and influence would have on a womans value in the sexual marketplace. Yes, there are some 35 year old women out there who are still hot, but that woman will never be as hot as she was at 24 kåte damer i trondheim lene alexandra øien nakenbilder and she knows. Women on the other hand have nowhere near the same mentalityespecially feminists. Anyone who doubts this only needs to look at the number of females who are on anti-depressants compared to males.


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